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Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of; Skin colour, Intellect, Talents or Years = DIVERSITY

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A laugh or smile makes you feel so much better 

Try it now :)

 “Life has no remote....get up and change it yourself!” Mark A Cooper

You can spend your life wishing you were happy or being happy.

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Proven holistic weight-management programme

100% natural

It works - all that is required is commitment


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Link to Thurrock council weight management services



Thurrock Weight Management Programme


Was FREE to residents aged 19+ with a BMI over 28 or under 18.5

fat middle

1.  No fad dieting or gimmicks

2.  No missed meals or fasting days

3.  No calorie or points counting

4.  No detoxing, shakes or smoothies

5.  No supplements, potions, pills or worms

6.  No expensive natural foods or superfoods

7.  No hidden costs or gym memberships


By eliminating C>R>A>P and being active every day; with commitment to your own health you will have all you need to take control of your life again.  Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of;  Heart attack, High blood pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer, Endocrine malfunction, Fatty liver, Digestive disorders, Osteoporosis and Depression.

Lose that fat from around the middle

Do or do not; there is no try”