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Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga

Tai Chi Exercise ~ group open to beginners looking for gentle exercise. Mondays - 1400 to 1500 - Frederick Andrews Court, Silverlocke Road, Little Thurrock, RM17 6EA. 16 places.


Tai Chi Yang Style ~ form work intermediate group.  Mondays - 1530 to 1630 - Horndon Village Hall, High Street, SS17 8LB


Hatha Yoga ~ group open to beginners looking to learn the basics of Yoga or just to relax. Mondays - 1730 to 1830  - The Beehive CVS, West Street, Grays RM17 6XP


Tai Chi Yang Style ~ form work intermediate to advanced group. Includes weapons. Mondays - 1830 to 1930 - The Beehive CVS, West  Street, Grays RM17 6XP 16 places.


Tai Chi Exercise ~ daytime group open to beginners. Fridays - 1000 to 1100 - Great Yarmouth Central Library, Tollhouse Road, NR30 2SH. 25 places.


Tai Chi Exercise ~ evening group open to beginners. Fridays - 1800 to 1900 - Shrublands Adult Education Centre, Magdalen Way, NR31 7BP. 25 places.


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Tai Chi is a Chinese defensive martial art it comes in several family styles and forms.  Qi Gong is a breathing and energising exercise.  We practice static/dynamic Qi Gong and Yang style Tai Chi for relaxation and correct functional movement.  


Yoga is an ancient lifestyle to improve personal health and wellbeing. We practice Hatha yoga; energy work, postures, correct breathing and mind focus.  


You do what you can and if you cannot we would offer alternatives.


The benefits of regular practice can be; improved flexibility, core strength, flexibility, breathing control, balance and movement.  Reduced stress hormone production, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate and blood pressure. This also can be a catalyst to lifestyle change and importantly better understanding of personal strengths and weakness.