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Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of; Skin colour, Intellect, Talents or Years = DIVERSITY

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A laugh or smile makes you feel so much better 

Try it now :)

 “Life has no remote....get up and change it yourself!” Mark A Cooper

You can spend your life wishing you were happy or being happy.

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Need a activity custom made for your organisation?

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First step to fitness - Getting Started 

The hardest step ~ that first one out the front door


Tai Chi ~ Gentle movement exerise for balance, posture and relaxation

Yoga ~ Beginners level breathing, strength, balance, flexability and relaxation

50+ Fun Fitness ~ improving fitness whislt having fun with sports

New starters £5/session for first 2 months.

Concessions for carers and shift workers.

What to wear and bring ~ A sense of humour and an enquiring mind are very welcome.

~ Ask if you are looking for something specific

~ Please wear loose comfortable appropriate clothing

~ Please bring drinking water for refreshment and hydration

~ Tai Chi: please wear well-fitting flat indoor footwear

~ 50+ fun fitness: please wear indoor training shoes

~ Yoga: if you have one please bring Yoga/exercise mat, we can provide a Chindi mat


Group sizes ~ We work an individual approach as we are all different

~ To keep a group sustainable we require a minimum of 7 regular attending members.



e-mail us at:

~We understand how difficult it is to experience something new; it was the same for us when we started

~ All of our groups are friendly, social and non-competitive

~ We welcome all adult ages and abilities

~ We will be patient, tolerant and accepting

~ We do not test or certificate qualifications

~ You are under no pressure to learn quickly

~ We have no religious affiliation

~ You are in control; you know you best. All participation is voluntary by invitation, should you not want to do something or you are unsure simply don't do it or ask for advice. Movements and postures can be modified or alternative suggested.

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